If you need any assistance please look through all FAQ below as most problems can be solved easily. If you are still experiencing any issues contact my support team by creating a ticket below and someone will get back to you. Thanks

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Orders & Payments

Where can I find your products? How can I place an order?

Just choose the category you are interested in from the main menu: “Guides” for my workout plans or “Resistance Bands” for all the Jordyn Woods X B_ND collaboration bands!

Workout guides can be purchased on my website; just click “Learn More” to read more details about each of them and then select “Buy Now” to proceed to the checkout page and place your order.

Resistance bands can be purchased on the B_ND website; just select the band/bundle you want, click “Shop Now”, and you will be taken there(*). Add the product you want to your cart and, once you are done shopping, select your cart from the main menu and click “Checkout” to proceed to the checkout page and place your order.
(*)If you are ordering from outside America, you will have to change your location by clicking the flag icon at the right top of your screen.

Is there a bundle offer?

Yes, there is a Two-Band and a Four-Band Bundle which you can find on the “Resistance Bands” page. Bundles are already sold at a discounted price.

Where can I learn more about shipping?

Just click the links below for more information about shipping to your location:

What methods of payment do you accept?

You can pay via Card (Visa, Mastercard), PayPal.

I have enough money available so why won't my payment go through?

If you are using a card, quite often the issue is with your bank and the fact that you are making an international purchase / they may not recognise my domain. Please get in touch with them to resolve the issue or try using another card or payment method.

Problems in receiving your order or dispatch confirmation email?

Please check the email account used to complete your order. Your order confirmation email should be there but i you can’t find it please:

- Make sure you are checking the same email account you used for your order with us.

- Remember that confirmation emails may take up to 24 hours to reach your inbox.

- Try checking your junk / spam folders.

- Search your email account for “frstplace”, your order number, name of item purchased.

Can I change my order?

We will unfortunately not be able to make any amendments to your order after you have placed it with us. Please double-check your order before completing your purchase.

What can I do if I entered the wrong delivery address?

Unfortunately, we cannot make any amendments to your address after your order has been placed. Please double-check your address during checkout as your order will be delivered there and you will be responsible for retrieving it.

If your order is returned to us due to non-delivery or incorrect address, it will be automatically cancelled/refunded and you will need to create another order again. You will not be refunded for postage as shipping fees are paid when your initial order is dispatched.

What can I do if I made a duplicate order?


If you have purchased the same digital product (e.g workout guide) more than once, we can refund you for the cost of any duplicate transactions using the same payment details and method you used to complete your purchase


If you have purchased the same physical product (e.g. resistance band) more than once please contact our team immediately by submitting a ticket and see if they can cancel the duplicate order for you. Please note that we cannot guarantee cancellation requests will be successful as this depends on the status of your order when your request is reviewed. It can take our team up to 48 hours to review your ticket and by then, your order might already be fully processed.

Products & Access

What is the strength of your resistance bands?

  • Grey - Light
  • Pink - Medium
  • Blue Marble - Heavy
  • Pink Marble - Extra Heavy

How are your resistance bands made?

B_ND resistance bands are from a custom cotton, polyester and rubber blend. They contain no latex. All of them are vegan and come in a resealable pouch.

How can I clean my resistance band?

We recommend that you do not put your resistance band in the washing machine as this may damage it and impair the strength of resistance. 

To clean your band, use a damp warm cloth and -if necessary- a mild detergent.

What guides do you offer?

There are two workout guides currently available: a Gym guide and a Home guide. Both guides are 12 weeks long and include 4 workouts per week.

After purchasing one of the workout guides you will also receive a free .pdf file including information and tips regarding nutrition.

Do your guides include a personalised nutrition plan?

No, the guides do not include a list of recipes or a nutrition plan tailored to your needs.

How will I be able to access my workout guide?

Your workout guide will only be accessible through the FRSTPLACE Members Area. Just login using the account details you registered with during checkout to find your guide there. Select the week and day you want to see a list of the exercises included in your workout - each one comes with a video demonstration and a recommended amount of sets/reps.

Can I follow your guides if I am injured, ill or pregnant?

If you are injured, ill or pregnant we would recommend that you seek professional advice to help you decide whether our guides are suitable for you.

For your own safety, make sure to contact your physician and discuss your circumstances, goals and workout/nutrition plans you are looking to follow before attempting to do so.

What is my login?

Your login details are the email address and password you used during checkout.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password please follow the instructions below:

  • Click here to go to the reset password screen.
  • Enter your email address and then select "send recovery email".
  • Check your inbox to find the recovery email (allow a few minutes to receive the email and check your junk/spam folders if you cannot find it) and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Will the plans ever expire after I have completed all the weeks?

No, you have lifetime access to the guides so they will never expire. You can complete them as many times as you like.

Refunds & Returns

Can I exchange / return my physical order (e.g. resistance band)?

Unfortunately, we cannot exchange or refund any physical products due to hygiene reasons. This is according to our terms and conditions.

Any returned parcels sent by the customer without acknowledgement from a member of the support team will not be returned/exchanged or refunded.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your support.

Can I exchange / return my digital order (e.g. workout guide)?

As digital content is instantly delivered to you when your order is placed, we cannot exchange or refund digital products. This is according to our terms and conditions.

What can I do if my product is faulty?

Should you receive a product that is defective or has a fault, we will happily look into offering a resolution. Please contact our support team with the following information: 

  • A full description of the fault
  • Photographic evidence attached

Please note issues of this nature need to be reported to us within 60 days.